My first note cards ever


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This is a new product I am introducing in my Etsy shop. These note cards are white (even if they look blue on the photographs). Each set contains 2 cards.

The orchid at the top is purple and the second one is blue. However customers can order the colors they prefer for the painting.  I painted them using liquid watercolor and sturdy cardboard special for watercolor. I intend to add some more flowers to this collection.

Each note card measures 6 x 8,25 in. I present them flat, not folded, and they can be used this way or they can be folded in order to write a note inside.





A small attempt to mixed media


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The other day I felt a bit adventurous… I wanted to approach the marvelous world of mixed media and I did… timidly I should say. I used some rustic string and placing the pieces here and there this is what I got in the end, these pom pom shaped flowers:


What I liked of this little experiment is the fact that thanks to be playing with the string I got a totally different design to what I am used to for my flowers. So, the conclusion I draw is that little attempts to mixed medias are good for our creativity because they lead us along different paths.



Spring is near!


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Spring is around the corner here in the south of Spain. We are having a very mild winter. At the end of January the almond trees in my neighbourhood were already blooming and I think birds are seriously considering breeding.

All these blue skies and sunny afternoons make me feel like painting flowers!


The one above has a bit of texture on the petals, I used a paste a bought some time ago and quite like it. I wish to use it more in my next paintings.

Flores del campo

You can visit my Etsy shop here> JoAnnPaintings

I opened it very recently and wouldn’t mind a few visitors!!!



Pearl and leather


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Leather is often used for rustic objects, cowboy boots, for example, are made of leather. Freshwater pearls, meanwhile, are more sophisticated, joined in long strands, they have adorned the neck of beautiful women for centuries.


If we combine leather and pearls in the same piece of jewelry, we get a result of high quality and beauty, elegant and modern at the same time.

My daughter Miriam fell in love with these materials last summer when she was recovering from heart surgery in Montreal, Canada.


She studied in depth the variety of materials and learned and practiced different techniques to improve and refine her jewelry pieces.

Now she has begun to offer them in a shop on Etsy, for now there are very few items but she will gradually be adding new ones. The store is called  Beads and Knots Jewel.

I hope you like it!

I love tribals


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I have rediscovered tribals recently and can’t stop drawing them! I have created a tree, a bird, a snake, a fish, an eagle head, a wolf head and many abstract ones which are there only because they are aesthetically pleasing.

As an example, this minimalist tribal fish.

Pez tribal hecho con pluma definitivo copia (Agua)

If you would like to see more, visit my portfolio at Redbubble.

Go on being creative, it’s a great pastime with infinite possibilities.